General requirments

First Aerial is committed to provide its customers with a professional drone service that covers and exceeds all regulatory requirements and safety.

Real Estate and promotional video:

Pricing can be tailored to specific needs and volume. Please call for special pricing to suit requirements.

Basic pricing:                                              $450

  • Exterior video 

  • Up to 90 second HD edited video.

  • Royalty free ambient music

  • Basic text intro and contact graphics.

  • Still images for publication and listing 

  • Preview and revision

  • Digital transfer or flash drive copy

Also available:                              per job quote

  • Interior video

  • Custom music and graphics

  • Upload management

  • Preferential "Golden Hour" footage

Aerial Photography

A unique perspective presents any commercial or private property in a broader and rare view. 

Basic pricing per site:                                $145

  • Multiple angles of view

  • Color adjustments

  • Internet transfer or CD copy

Also available

  • Digital enhancing 

  • Printing and mounting

Contract and Hourly Rate

Projects can be quoted as a set amount with written agreement as to final product expectations including expenses.

Hourly rates can be established based on project size, this will typically require expenses billed separately.

For Professional Drone Media Service       Call 641-919-0528